ichino said: holy cow babe—

I’m very gay for u babe

iichino said: But you don’t love me as much as I love you

Oh gosh, I’m. So in love with you, I’m deeply in love with you and I’m not sure how to express it„ but I’m helplessly in love with you

iichino said: /)///~///(\ *Smooches * love you too..

aaaa ur so cute, I love u tons and tons my darling sweet pea

iichino said: I would never leave you

babe… i love you.. *smooches u//~//u

iichino said: have fun being a loner then

Babe pls no come back

iichino said: tumblr user chaos trio = gayest person around

Babe I’m breaking up with you

iicino said: too gay

Tumblr user iichino = gay

My face is red and I’m gay

iichinoのコメント: bye babe

*smooches * bye babe